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"Drakaena Scythia" is the  E.P debut release for Sydney metal band SCYTHIAN FATE 

The title is derived from the mythological serpent nymph, Drakaena Scythia who lured the hero Herakles into her cave and seduced  him. The offspring become known as the Scythian race. Thus, in turn this E.P gives birth to Scythian Fate
Drakaena Scythia 
1. Barabass to the masses 
2. Children Overboard 
3. Drakaena Scythia (Instrumental)
4. Nocturnal Disciples
5. Mary Rose 
* All songs written and arranged by Morano/Kotsonis , © 2016
Cover art by  Edward Sleiman ©  2016
Logo created by Hanan Roumieh © 2016
"Waving his baton, his orchestra responds, 
  deceptive violins begin to play,
  a distorted melody of racial fear "
    - Children Overboard
     Scythian Fate © 2016
"Myopic spectators, disconnected from the truth,
 arrest the wise man for treason, 
 pour the molten wax, seal his mouth shut!"
- Barabbas to the masses
   Scythian Fate © 2016
"Torrents gushing through the gunports, 
  plunging deep beneath the surface,
  deafening screams, sinking bubbles 
  abandon ship, God bless the Mary Rose"
  -  Mary Rose 
     Scythian Fate © 2016
"Blood curdling shrieks
 pierce the Carpathian forest,
 drowning out church bells
with their frenzied dance!" 
  -  Nocturnal Disciples
     Scythian Fate © 2016