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Hatched in the western suburbs of Sydney by founding members and guitarists; Tom Kotsonis  and Nino Morano. These uncompromising metal heads have forged an original sound, balancing aggression with dark melodic passages and an intense hard hitting drum attack, to concoct their signature sound. 

Not straying too far away from their traditional metal roots, Scythian Fate's influences are anchored in the Teutonic and Bay Area thrash bands, along with  Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, King Diamond and Symphony X.

The band recorded a 5 track E.P which will has just been released and available on bandcamp. Conceptually,  Scythian Fate traverses the centuries, and draws from ancient mythological stories, historical themes and also punctuates the injustices and hypocrisy of the world. 
"The media circus shreds away the truth
  rampant frivolity, depravity and greed,
  hurl  them more bullshit it's all they want,
  royal weddings, a cermonial farce!"
- Barabbas to the masses
   Scythian Fate © 2016
"Waves crash around the rusty hull
   decrepit  vessel's sinking fast,
   hapless refugees,
   clutch their children in despair".
  - Children Overboard
     Scythian Fate © 2016
"For those that scoff that they were tales,
  I can vouch that they exist today,
 you can feel their unholy breath
 tickling the back of your neck!"
- Nocturnal Disciples
   Scythian Fate © 2016
"A reckless sharp turn
 with a freak gust of  wind ,
 now her hull begins to fill,
 the stranded ship tilts onto her side
and begins to submerge
into her watery grave."
  -  Mary Rose 
     Scythian Fate © 2016