Debut E.P release
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The lads are busily working on new songs for their  full length album, which will follow the release of EP "Drakaena Scythia".  The new material promises to be even more intense and darker, whilst maintaining their signature melodic guitar sound. 
The album will feature a tribute song to the Godfather of death metal, Chuck Shuldiner  - RIP brother !
                                COVER ART
Following the upcoming release of the "Drakaena Scythia" cover art, the band has again commisioned the unique talent of artist and friend, Edward Sleiman who is currently painting an epic canvass for  their next full length album.


"In the garden of Gethsemane, 
  the tyrants come out to pray!
  Ensnared in black consciousness,
  the thorns tear through the skin!"
  -  Agony and the Thorns
     Scythian Fate © 2016
"A long ghastly trail,
 snaking through the dark, 
 cossacks pursue them 
 like hungry hounds."
-  Crimson Snow
    Scythian Fate © 2016
"Cloven hoofed bigotry ,
  treading through the mud
  detached from decency, 
  the hysteria of what is right."
  -  Vitriol  
      Scythian Fate © 2016
Paintings by Edward Sleiman © 2016
Logo created by Hanan Roumieh  © 2016